Technophobia (LP)

This album was released in February 2021 but it is very much a ‘2020’ album. Given the social and political landscape of that year, and the surge in technological adaptation we all had to endure, it made sense to mostly use synths, ipad beeps, drum machines and other forms of electronic trickery to create these songs.

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Misanthropy – I had a conversation with a friend the other day. We’ve known each other for so long – so long. I knew a misalignment had always been there, but something was different this time – something was different this time. Misanthropy is breeding without difficulty. All it really needed was isolation and technology. We’re seeing a phenotypic vulnerability. Fuzzy maths and a divided sense of empathy. Am I being paranoid or overly negative?
It’s hard to tell anymore. Am I being paranoid? It’s hard to tell. It’s not a dystopian future, it’s already here.

Binary – Picture yourselves in the 1s and the Zeros, a binary polarised new way of life. Dispersing with thousands of years of convention, stuck on repeat seeing our own demise. Refreshing doesn’t mean what it used to. Continuous web of our own dark creation, numb to vicarious rolls of the dice. Tied to an unhealthy bleak fascination, tangled in mixtures of lies upon lies. Refreshing doesn’t mean what it used to. High on the horses and high from the virtue, wound up from winding up all of the time. Scream to the void that you’re sure isn’t empty, circling echoes of reason and rhyme. Refreshing doesn’t mean what it used to.

Chain Reactions and Snowballs – Chain reactions and snowballs. Y2K and Kid A. Subscription and licensing models. Music and movies don’t cost anything anymore. Robodebt, Ultranet, election fraud and identity theft. Unfortunate tech failings or an inevitability. Remote learning about microchips in vaccines. Humanity just might be on it’s knees.

The Sirens of Boronia – [instrumental]

The Witching Hour – [instrumental]

1984 – Do you remember 1984? Prophecies didn’t need to be self fulfilled. Thought police can, watch the screens we hold ourselves. Do you remember 1984? Skynet was just a fantasy, or so we thought. Science fiction, not an addiction like we’re seeing now. Rabbit holes of conspiracy. No respect or decency, anymore… forever more. Do you remember 1984? Autobots and Deceptacons were waking up. Automation and deep fake sensation just might cause the next civil war… what is it for? Can we go back to 1984?

Satana nu vine pentru tine – Any text can sound evil if you slow it down and reverse it. The text doesn’t have to be Romanian, Latin or some kind of rare historical language. We could even write about pure joy – it would still sound evil. Satan is not coming for you for listening to this piece of music. Satan is not aligned with the composer of this music. This is just text in a computer. You will be fine. [Note: these lyrics were translated into Romanian, reversed and somewhat hidden in the mix – the song is about how easy it is for people, religions, corporate entities or other social groups to create fear!]

To Rosebud, to Rosebud – Desperate to unwind, on Boxing Day. Wanna clear my mind, from the year I’ve had. On the M3, sun is shining. Recharge with family, it’s been too long. Visualise a new Mandala for myself. Jumbled pieces try to fit another way. Cos if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I can’t sustain this. I’ve missed a version of you, that no longer exists. Or maybe I was wrong, maybe it never did. Staring out while, the waves drift in. Breathing in while, letting go. Visualise a new Mandala for myself. Jumbled pieces try to fit another way. Cos if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I can’t sustain this.