Robot Child

This is a band I’ve been playing in for many years. We haven’t done a lot lately but that doesn’t mean we won’t again. Over the years, we’ve been lucky to play in pubs around Australia a little bit, as well as some high level trolling of guest speakers as part of a series of live shows with The Chaser guys.

The current line up includes Jeff Wortman (lead vocals), Waleed Aly (guitar), Dave Hartney (keys/guitar), Dan Lijnders (bass), Owen James (keys) and Dan Slater (drums).

This video was taken at the Walkley Awards a few years ago – it ended up going viral which was a bit hilarious at the time:

Our debut album ‘One more war’ was released in 2014 and you can find it on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube. This video was the lead single: