One minute collaborations

2020 has been a very interesting year for the arts sector. Artists the world over (including myself) have had their entire calendars wiped clean of work, money and in many cases, the simple joy of sharing their art with the general population.

Early on in this ‘downtime’ period (and before anyone knew how long it would last), I quickly found it necessary to keep my mind active and thought a way to do so might be to try and provide other artists with some creative stimulus as well – so I engaged some of my professionally creative friends to make the following videos with.

The music was all done by me, with the exception of Christian and Troy’s drumming and Daniel’s great keys playing. The other artists all provided me with some video content to score. It was really a great way for me to help navigate the early Covid 19 period and from there, I found some other avenues to pursue which I will share on other pages of this site as time goes by.